It all Starts at the Source

New Zealand

100% Pure

New Zealand stands for pure and clean. If you want world-class quality, if you demand the very best, if you desire pure and clean then it always starts at the Source. New Zealand is the source. FREZZOR embodies the best of New Zealand.

The Youngest Country on Earth

New Zealand, the youngest and freshest country on Earth, where the air is pure, the soil is rich, and the ocean is clean. This verdant wild environment is the home of FREZZOR. The last organic sustainable farm on the planet.

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This Miracle Product Will

Change Your Life

New Zealand Greenlip Mussels contain a powerful unique full-lipid spectrum of essential-fatty-acids (EFA's) and naturally occurring carotenoids which include beta-carotenoids, astaxanthin, and other anti-oxidants and anti-aging compounds. These lipids and compounds work together to reduce inflammation which are the root cause of many diseases and neutralize free-radicals to slow down the aging process, and providing the vital nutrition to maximize our bodies powerful auto-immune response system to operate at its optimal performance. These powerful “life-enhancing" lipids and compounds, not found anywhere else in nature, are a complete synergistic complex of essential-fatty-acids comprising of omega 3s, 6s, 7s & 9s in a unique ratio. New Zealand greenlip mussel oil has been scientifically proven to be the most effective natural anti-inflammatory on the planet providing protection against cardiovascular disease, arthritic symptoms, depression, Alzheimer disease and cognitive decline. FREZZOR has a completely unique proprietary extraction process for extracting these delicate lipids which ensure, unlike other greenlip mussel oils and powders on the market, the highest possible bio-availability and absorption into the cells of the body.


New Zealand

People who live in the 21st Century fast lane are dying from their toxic, polluted and chemically-contaminated diet, and they know it. Their occasional vacations often take them back to a paradise that reminds them how life was supposed to be; then, they reenter the fast lane and disconnect from nature's restorative reset. New Zealand is the modern Garden of Eden: it remains untouched by the pollutions and corruptions that affect the vitality of human health and energy. FREZZOR brings the best of nutritional enhancement from an environment in New Zealand that is second-to-none, and makes it available to people who are committed to be all that they can be in their daily health and habits.

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